Attraction near Kuramoto
  • ■DOTONBORI (2 minitues walk)

    Popular place in Osaka. There are cinema, theatre and many restaurants. This area is famous for having many resonable and delicious restaurants. It is called "KUIDAORE NO MACHI"(you could be down because you would eat too much.)

  • ■AMERIKAMURA (10 minitues walk)

    A popular shopping area, especially for young kids. Many boutiques and cafe. You could find nice souvenior/gift

  • ■SHINSAIBASHI (8 minitues walk)

    A popular shopping area, too. There are 2 km long shopping arcade having large department stores and fashionable boutique.

  • ■NIHONBASHI DENDEN TOWN (15 minitues walk)

    Many electorical appliace shops and department stores line in this district. You could find many good and cheap products here.

Other Attraction in Osaka
  • ■Kaiyukan Aquarium (25 min by train)

    A popular spot locaed near to Osaka Bay.This is one of the biggest aquarium in the wrold. It shows you the ecosystem of 10 different areas facing Pacific Ocean, by displaying the vegitation and creature living in those areas. You can easily understand how ecosystem works and how creatures have evolved.
    【Nearest Sta】Osaka Wan Station(Subway "Chuo line" ) (Just 20 minitues by train), 5 minitues walk from station to our Ryokan

  • ■Suntory Museum (25 min by train)

    A multi-complexed entertainment facilities. A museum is combined with several facilities such as film theatre and restaurants. Especially, it is famous for having a big 3D film theatre (IMAX theatre). This is one of the biggest 3D filim theatre. Art gallery stores 15000 arts.
    【Nearest Sta】Osaka Wan Station(Subway "Chuo line" ) (Just 25 minitues by train), 5 minitues walk from station to our Ryokan

  • ■Osaka Castle

    Located in the centre of Central Osaka. It was renovated in 1997 and still displays its beauty. A kind of symbol in Osaka.

  • ■Sumiyoshi Taisha Shrine (30 min by train)

    A famous and traditional shrine.It is also known as the shrine where the God for sailing, Budo, Waka(Japanese traditional poem. In this shrine, there are the oldest builings in the history of shrine architecture. They are registered as the National treasure.
    Every month, on the day of Torano-hi, many people come to visit this shirie in order to pray for their forutune of busiess.
    【Nearest Sta】Sumiyoshi Taisha Sta.(Nankai Honsen Line)or Sumiyoshi Sta.(Hankai Dentetsu Kamimachi Line) or Sumiyoshi Toriire Mae Sta.(Hankai Line)

  • ■Shitennou-ji Temple

    IThis temple was built by Taishi Shotoku(famous Japanese politician) 1400 years ago.

  • ■Universal Studio Japan (25 min by train)

    The Us film Maker's theme park "Universal Studio" will open "Universal Studio Japan" in Osaka. It will open on Mar.31of 2001. It is also scheduled that the station of the railway will be established near to the Studio.